Roadmap to Selective College Admissions


Roadmap to Selective College Admissions is our unique signature program that helps you create the “perfect fit” college lists and essay writing best practices for a flawless application.

Our program includes the following:

  • How To Get into College in 30 Days (eBook).
  • College Admissions Planner (PDF).
  • Exclusive Access to our Private Facebook Group.
  • Live Video Call on Getting into Top Tier Colleges.
  • Free guides and checklists for a flawless application.


Are you a rising high school junior student or the parent of a high school student looking to start the college application process?

Join me in my new online program, Roadmap to Selective College Admissions, and let’s work together towards creating college lists, course selection, interviews and summer activities, testing, and essay writing prep for a flawless application!

Unlike most online programs, you will not be just watching long and boring videos and leave more confused than when you started.

The goal of the Roadmap to Selective College Admissions is to do this together, so you can finally increase your chances of getting accepted into college!


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