Packages We Offer

We offer packages as well as individual services to meet your needs.  All our packages are customizable as we understand that each family has unique needs.  We can work with you to understand what you need and develop products or packages that meet your specific needs.

Individual Services

Strategy Session

Essay Package

Admissions Review

A one-hour session where you can ask anything you want about course selection, which tests to take, interviews, essays, and much more! Get insider tips on how to build your profile and stand out in the college admissions process.

Develop a complete common application essay including brainstorming, three drafts, reminders to stay on track and professional editing for a polished essay that perfectly reflects you and tells your story.

Have your application reviewed by three former admissions officers from top-tier schools before you submit your final application. This is the perfect final touch for a flawless application!

Standard College Counseling Packages

Senior Package

Junior Package

Sophomore Package

Freshman Package

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