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Top Tier College Application Review


Top Tier College Admission Consultants

Our College Excellence Ivy League Review consists of seasoned, former admissions officers from top-tier schools. We have experienced firsthand how the admission process works and we’re readily available to help you with your college application. To get started utilizing the help of our admissions experts, submit your application today.

Why Choose Our Seasoned Admissions Experts?

When you or your child are submitting an application to a very selective school, you may not be aware of the pitfalls that can hurt your application. We understand them because we’ve reviewed and consulted on hundreds of college applications and we have more than a decade’s worth of experience collectively in admissions consulting. With our expertise, we can offer you a pre-submission review that can increase the power of your application.

Direct, Honest Approach

To give you an accurate college admission critique, we pair you with a former admission officer that has worked at your top college or a similar institute. We always offer a direct, unbiased opinion on your application, offering you the best advice on how to strengthen it.

Top School Acceptance

While we cannot guarantee acceptance into your top-choice school, we can say that we have routinely helped students strengthen his or her application, helping them be accepted to their top-choice school.

The Application Process

Submitting your college application for review is easy! Collect all of your necessary paperwork, test scores, and essays before you begin to submit your application and follow our steps below to get the full College Excellence Admissions Review application experience.

When you entrust us with critiquing your college application, know that you only need to provide what you wish to be reviewed. When applying to a highly selective school you may require:

  • Long essay / Personal Statement
  • Top-choice undergraduate school supplemental essays
  • Unofficial transcripts or grade reports
  • Standardized Test Scores (ACT, SAT, SAT II, AP)

Former Admissions Officers Critique Your Application

Once you’ve submitted your college application with all of the necessary documents, test scores and essays, our former admissions officers will get to work. You can have up to three separate former admissions officers at comparable schools to the one you’re applying to review your application. For your application, we’ll have a former admissions officer from a comparable college to the one you wish to attend, offer you some insight on exactly what highly selective schools are  looking for in an application.

Maximize Your Chances of Admissions Today

Our main goal at College Excellence is to help you improve the quality of your application and to help ease any stress students or parents are experiencing during the daunting college application process. While we can’t guarantee acceptance to the school you choose, we can guarantee that our application review will help strengthen your application. Our admission officers look forward to receiving your application and helping you on your journey to college.