How to Apply to an MBA Program: Guide for the Best MBA Schools

Many people wonder how to get into an MBA program and which business schools are the best. Pending your background and career goals, there are many options for getting your MBA. You can pursue a hybrid MBA program, complete an online MBA, or even tackle a double-degree program where you get two degrees at once. Whether you’re looking to start an entirely new career or simply advance from your current position, applying for an MBA could be the perfect next step for you.

An MBA provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in business, including management theory, economics, statistics, and accounting. An extensive list of job opportunities awaits graduates of this program after graduation. Preparing to apply to any business school is challenging but not impossible. Keep reading to see what you need to know before applying to any business school and how you can get into the best business school that suits your needs!

Get to know the world of business schools

When you are applying to business schools, it is crucial to understand how these institutions work and offer.

  • Type of degree they offer: Master of Science in Management or a Master of Business Administration
  • The part of the world they are located in: Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East.
  • The size of the program and its focus: whether the program is general management, hotel management, accounting, or finance.
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Double-degree MBA programs

Many of the best business schools worldwide offer double-degree programs where you can earn two degrees at once. You typically apply to one or two business schools to start your program, and then, if you are admitted, you can choose which degree you want to earn.

Double-degree programs can be a great way to reduce the time it takes to complete your MBA and the overall cost of your degree. Many people are curious about double-degree programs because they want to know if earning two MBAs at once is possible. The answer is yes; however, making two MBAs at once is not common because most schools do not offer the same program in their full-time MBA and executive MBA programs.

MBA Fellowships and Scholarships

If you are looking for a way to decrease the financial burden of pursuing an MBA, you could apply for a scholarship or fellowship. Organizations such as the American Association of Retired Persons provide scholarships for people interested in pursuing an MBA. Suppose you are willing to commit to working in a specific field after you graduate. In that case, you can apply for a scholarship associated with a particular industry like health care or technology.

Other types of scholarships are more merit-based and do not require a specific commitment in exchange for funding. MBA scholarship websites can help you find scholarships that fit your background and career goals. You can also do some general research to find out if there are local organizations that provide scholarships to people pursuing an MBA.

Visa sponsorship for international students

It is essential to be strategic when deciding which school you will apply to. Some universities and financial aid offices may have a higher budget for providing financial aid than others. So, more money may be available to students who apply to that institution, so you may have a better chance of receiving more assistance.

Be strategic when deciding which types of financial aid you will apply for; for example, you may decide that you will only apply for grants and not loans, or vice versa. Also, remember that you can apply for more than one type of financial aid.

You can complete a FAFSA for financial assistance from your state, the federal government, and school. And, of course, deciding how and when you will complete your FAFSA application plays a role. You may want to apply for aid earlier in the year when fewer students are applying for financial aid than in the fall.

Remember, however, that each visa has different requirements that you must meet to be eligible for it. Before you begin pursuing a visa that would allow you to study in the U.S., it is crucial to make sure you understand the requirements of that visa.


Getting into a good business school is not easy. Prospective students usually have an excellent academic record and solid extracurricular activities; still, they need help with a well-written essay and stellar application.

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