Why Choose Our Experts?

We’ve reviewed and consulted on hundreds of college applications and we have more than a decade’s worth of experience collectively in admissions consulting.

Pre-submission REview

When you or your child are submitting an application to a very selective school, you may not be aware of the pitfalls that can hurt your application. With our expertise, we can offer you a pre-submission review that can increase the power of your application.

Pairing with experts

To give you an accurate college admission critique, we pair you with a former admission officer that has worked at your top college or a similar institute. We always offer a direct, unbiased opinion on your application, offering you the best advice on how to strengthen it.

Panel of experts

We setup a panel of experts from comparable schools to the one you’re applying to review your application. We offer you some insight on exactly what highly selective schools are looking for in an application

Meet Judy Young

Applying to an MBA doesn’t have to be stressful.

Judy is a College and MBA Admissions Coach and an Ivy League graduate herself. She has helped students successfully gain admission and full-ride scholarships to top schools in the US and internationally including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT and Cambridge University for both college and MBA admissions.

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Judy was great!!!! Great communication and was very helpful throughout the essay writing process. Looked through it thoroughly and left very helpful comments 10/10 recommend !


The application process can be a very stressful time for both the student and parents. Having someone like Ms. Young be there to make the process a smoother and more pleasant one was quite helpful.

Diego Galvez

Great work, and very passionate about helping the students. She takes her time and is very patient.

Myi Baker

Let Us Help You With Your Application Process


Whether you are applying to a graduate degree or starting your journey to college, I have resources that will make your path less stressful.
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