Ace Your College Application

Are you starting to think about college? Do you feel overwhelmed by the application process, unsure where to start, or even what you want to achieve?

If so, you’re not alone! Junior year is a pivotal time for setting the stage for successful college applications, and we’re here to help you navigate the journey.

Join us for the upcoming workshop Ace Your College Application, specifically designed for rising juniors like you!

In this powerful and engaging workshop, we’ll cover:

  • Crafting Compelling Essays: Learn secrets to writing standout essays that highlight your unique strengths and aspirations.
  • Demystifying the Process: Navigate every step of the college application journey with clarity and confidence.
  • Parent Power Hour: Gain valuable insights and strategies to support your child throughout the application process and separation anxiety.
  • Application tips and tricks: Expert advice on crafting a compelling essay and navigating the application process.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Access to the Prompt Essay platform to organize your ideas, refine your story, and bring personal insights to life.
  • Identify the best essay format to make your application stand out.
  • A roadmap for your college application journey to keep you on track and avoid pulling all-nighter submissions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to:

  • Create a compelling essay for your college application.
  • Get expert guidance from experienced college counselors.
  • Ask your questions and get personalized advice.
  • Connect with other rising juniors facing similar challenges.
Ace Your College Application Workshop

Meet your College Admissions Coach & Experts

I’m all about helping (high school students and their families) who want to apply to top-tier colleges, and I do that by working together on strategies that will help you chart a course to find your right fit college.

I’m a certified College and MBA Admissions Coach and an Ivy League graduate myself.

I created College Excellence LLC because I believe everyone has the capacity to attend college.

I’ve helped students gain admissions and full-ride scholarships to top schools in the US (including Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, and Cambridge!)

My personalized strategy session helps you set the roadmap when applying to college, I’ll work with you and your family towards creating college lists, course selection, interviews and summer activities, testing, and essay writing prep for a flawless application!

I’m committed to working with you to understand your needs and develop products or packages that meet your needs.

I have been in educational consulting and financial planning in some capacity for over 30 years and bring a unique perspective and skill set to the college admissions process. 

I joined the Rice University Admissions team as the Assistant Director of Admissions after graduating from Rice and became an enthusiastic advocate for the university.

Following this experience, I went into financial planning, assisting families with college planning, retirement, and estate planning.

I became a college funding specialist and independent educational consultant in 2014 and subsequently opened Wise Owl College Planning in 2020.

Getting the most college money at the school that is the right fit for the student is a dance between the application for admissions and financial aid. 

I started Wise Owl College Planning to advise and assist parents through the college financial aid process and guide students to the right fit in college. 

My journey as a clinician began in the U.K. in 2011 when I embarked on the path to becoming a therapist. After completing both clinical and academic studies, I graduated with a degree in Humanistic Counseling Practice from the University of Nottingham, England. I’m not just the founder of Destination Therapy; I’m a dedicated therapist who has embarked on a transformative journey to help individuals in their pursuit of well-being.

I’ve been trained in a range of therapeutic disciplines, which has influenced how I lead and work as a team. At Destination Therapy, our work is grounded in being Humanistic and Person-Centered, which means that you, the client, are our priority, and building a strong foundation for our therapeutic relationship is paramount to us.

My goal as a therapist is to help my clients make space for all parts of them to show up as their authentic selves and actualize the life they’ve been envisioning by taking intentional steps toward their desired destination.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Your Path To College Starts With a Solid, Compelling Essay that WOWS Admission Officers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating college applications could be a daunting process, we are here to help you and take aways the stress of applying to college. Here is a list of the questions que regularly get asked: 

The Prompt Essay platform has a series of questions that college admissions are looking for in each application; by dedicating 30 minutes a day to answering the prompt questions, you will have a complete outline with your strongest points for your college application essay.

You will be writing your common application essay using the outline created with the Prompt Essay platform. During the workshop, I will guide you throughout your essay, I will review it to ensure you showcase yourself as a strong candidate.

Well, yes, you can attend the workshop, but you will be working on answering the questions to make your outline there, and if you have enough time, you will be able to start your college application essay. However, you won’t go out with a finished draft. 

You receive coaching on every written part of every application in your package, which can include: the Common App essay, UC PIQs, school-specific essays; extra essays schools require for certain majors, programs, and scholarships; activities lists; additional information sections, and portfolio essays.

Kurt Goedecke will explain what FAFSA is, scholarship possibilities, and will offer a 15-minute Q/A session so make sure you write down your questions to get the answer you are looking for. 

Monique Dunn will be sharing important information for parents with kids going to college like separation anxiety, managing family stress, and how to support your children when they don’t get the results they were expecting in life.

Please fill out the Registration Form below, and we will contact you to verify your information and send you the payment link. Once your payment has been processed, we will send you the login information to access the Prompt Essay platform and onboarding process.

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